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Program Information

Team Wisconsin Program Information

Team Wisconsin: A History of Excellence and "Athlete First" mentality

Since 1987 the Wisconsin Team Wisconsin has provided thousands of basketball players the opportunity to develop their skills by competing with and against the best players in the nation. With its emphasis on skill development and high quality competition,  female athletes from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Michigan have chosen to make Team Wisconsin their elite basketball club. The Wisconsin Viking Club/Team Wisconsin was founded by Keith Noll in 1987 with just 25 athletes.

Now going into our 34th season, Team Wisconsin continues to be highly respected by college coaches, high school coaches, and youth basketball coaches. 500+ Viking Club/Team Wisconsin athletes have signed NCAA Division I, along with high level Division II college scholarships, as well as thousands of student-athletes that have gone on to play collegiate basketball at the NCAA Division III, NAIA and JUCO levels.


With Team Wisconsin, our coaches and staff place players and build teams to maximize the success of the team and the athlete. Our goal is to put players where the can grow their game. Our teams are not necessarily the top 10, next 10, and so on. It is about the fit for each player and the team.    This has been our philosophy over the past 30 years.

Team Wisconsin is about our athletes.  This is why we have been around for over 30 years, with 500+ scholarship athletes,  numerous 2nd generation families, and having the BEST coaches associated with our program over those 30+ years.

Our coaches and staff put a lot of time and energy into helping athletes grow their game and helping them in the recruiting process.  While our coaches work cooperatively, there is a separate head coach for each team. We do not have any coaches coaching multiple teams.

We believe we have THE BEST coaching staff, with high level college and high schools coaches from great programs in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Each team will be coached uniquely, according to their strengths.  We FIRMLY believe in teaching fundamental man to man defensive principles, we rarely play zone defense.  Offensively our philosophy is to teach players spacing and creating for themselves and their teammates. Learning "how to play" over plays.  

While Team Wisconsin is regarded as a top program in the country, we do not put winning over everything.  Team Wisconsin values the process of growth and the overall experience. We regard ourselves as a Basketball Family.  


Team Wisconsin has 3 levels of teams:


Team Wisconsin Select - National Level:  Teams in the 2024 and older classes which play in high level events throughout the Midwest as well a traveling to top National competitions during the July exposure period

Team Wisconsin Select - Regional Level:  Teams which play in  events throughout the Midwest (Wisconsin Minnesota, possibly Iowa and Illinois for the 2025 and older teams)

Team Wisconsin - Local Level: Local: Playing in the Shootout Series Events hosted in Menomonie and La Crosse as well as other events within Wisconsin and the Twin Cities, all grade levels

Practices:  Practice times/days/locations are determined within each team on based on what works for the team.  High school team typically do not practice mid-week, due to travel and high school spring sports.

Skills Sessions:  We host skills clinics throughout the season, this is part of every athlete’s program fees and are optional.  Skills sessions are run by our Team Wisconsin staff, as well as guest college coaches, college players, and skills trainers.

Fees:  The final program fee will vary, depending on the team and their team's schedule.  

Typical fees for TEAM WISCONSIN SELECT NATIONAL TEAMS tend to run $500 - $875 (4th-8th grades) and $850-$1150 in the high school age groups.  

Typical fees for TEAM WISCONSIN SELECT REGIONAL TEAMS tend to run $450 - $750 (4th-8th grades) and $650-$850 in the high school age groups.  

Team Wisconsin Local level team fees tend to run $250-$450, depending on their final schedule.

Program fees can be broken down and paid in installments.  

Final program fees are based on:

  1. Each team’s schedule

  2. Team fundraising

  3. parents/athlete's involvement in fundraising (working at hosted tournaments)

Many times, business or family donations are made to the team, as a whole, which will reduce each athlete’s program fees. Team Wisconsin is a Level 3 AAU Club and all donations are Tax Deductible.Contact the AAU office for the 501C3 #.



Vary among teams within age groups and levels.

Local:  4-5 tournaments  (1 April, 2 May, 1-3 June, possibly 1 July)

Regional:  7-8 tournaments (1-2 April, 2 May, 2-3 June, 1-3 July)

National:  8-10 tournaments (1-2 April,  2-3 May, 2-3 June, 2-3 July)


Schedule Conflicts:

We recognize prior obligations will take precedence over playing.  Family, church, or school commitments may arise that would prohibit a player from attending certain weekends, days, or games.  However, since all entry fees, gym fees and administrative fees hinge on a full roster, we are unable to give discounts or refunds for missed events.

Players must notify the team coach at least 3 weeks in advance of known schedule conflicts.

Athletes must be able to commit to all July events (National Level teams)  or have prior approval. If there is a conflict, you must discuss it with the team coach.

  • Teams will be initially formed with 9-11 players per team.

  • Our staff may move players, after initial team formations, in case of extenuating circumstance, in order to maximize the opportunity for the player and the team.

  • If a player fails to show up at an event without notifying their coach BEFORE the event, we reserve the right to remove the player from the team and the player will forfeit all program fees paid.

  • Transportation, hotel costs, and meals are the responsibility of the athlete and their family.